MAW is Back!
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After a two year COVID hiatus, the North Bay's leading acting class is back with more to offer the aspiring actor than ever before.

The Marin Actors' Workshop is a weekly scene/monologue acting class taught by veteran actor and broadcaster, Terry McGovern. MAW is, essentially, the teaching arm of the Novato Theater Company.  Classes are held on the NTC stage on Saturday mornings, from 10 am to 1 pm. The location is 5420 Nave Dr., Novato, CA. 94949.

We've made a couple attempts to re-open our workshop, but each time, we had to postpone because of the ever-changing COVID situation. Now (fingers crossed) MAW's ready to resume the Saturday morning class on February 26, 2022.

There will be strict guidelines in place to protect everyone. To enter the theater you will need to wear a mask. You must supply proof that you have had the complete series of vaccine shots, including the booster.

The Saturday morning scene/monologue class foucuses primarily on the stage with frequent, scheduled sidetrips to improvisation technique, acting for the camera, preparing for the commercial audition, the basics of voice-overs and other courses, designed to give our actors an all-encompassing knowledge of all facets of acting.

One of MAW's unique features is that we record our actors' peformances in class and then put them up on this website for the actor to see how the work is going. These video recordings can also be used as auditions for agents and producers who request them. The page is password protected so only members can access it.

The investment in this class is less than most acting classes in the Bay Area. We offer a three hour acting class for only $35! If you book three or more classes, it's only $99, making us the best investment out there.

Terry McGovern is the founding director of the Marin Actors' Workshop. "I started this class back in 1997 in a dance studio in San Rafael, California. In the ensuing 25 years, hundreds of actors have made MAW their place to study the craft of acting. Everyone, at every level, is welcome to join us on Saturday mornings, from 10 to 1 pm. The class takes place on the stage of the Novato Theater Company at 5420 Nave Dr., Novato. 94949.

For more information, email us at Or inquire by phone at 866-29-ACTOR. Better yet, take the time to explore this website.